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  • Manufacturer Links

    Manufacturer Links

    Here is a list of radial shockwave machine manufacturers. Please note we do not constantly check these links. If they are dead or wrong please let us know: Enraf Nonius Endopulse 811 Gymna Shockmaster 300 Gymna Shockmaster 500 Zimmer enpulse Storz MASTERPULS MP50 Storz MASTERPULS MP100 Storz MASTERPULS MP200 Storz MASTERPULS »ultra« line Storz DUOLITH…

  • The Author

    The Author

    Paul Spencer-Wimpenny MSc BHSc MCSP HCPC based in the UK. Physiotherapist and Educator. A chartered physiotherapist with a masters degree in sports science. I still work with patients on a daily basis. But I only lecture post graduate now and have taken part in many and varied pieces of shockwave research. I have varied and…