Gymna Shockmaster 300 Review

The Shockmaster 300 by Gymna is a portable radial shockwave machine with a range of exclusive heads from Storz.

Fantastic shockwave, feels quality, best treatment heads, very heavy. Overall premium product but premium prices!

The machine is supplied as is –  the carry bag is an optional extra! Yes we did say optional extra!

Overall dimensions of:

Length: 38cm (15inches)

Height: 25.5cm (10inches)

Depth: 43cm (17inches)

In total the machine weighs 16.4kgs (36.2lbs)

The carry bag, if purchased, is extremely well made and designed just for this machine. It has a zipped front and back with conveniently placed velcro fixings to allow the machine to be used in the bag. It does not lock but does have a much needed shoulder strap to make transportation easier. The handles for the bag lock together using a strap making a small handle of 7cm (2.75inches) in circumference (a standard dumbell is a 9cm grip). The handle is a good size but does dig into the hand if carried for any distance.

The bag is about the size of a carry on bag and just larger than a medium backpack. The bag has 5 silver studs on the base which anchor it well to carpets and so it is well suited for car journeys. Although, as it should normally stand on it’s long edge, rapid braking can lead to the machine falling over which although disconcerting did no damage. This is a reflection of how well this bag is padded and the degree of protection it provides.

This unit is very heavy!!! At 16.4kgs or 36.2lbs this machine is difficult to pick up never mind carry (Gymna list the machine as 11kg but even the bare machine weighs 15kg). Even with the shoulder strap the average person would not get far with this machine! It appears to be better suited to a clinic who might take it out now and again, not for daily transportation. This might be why it does not normally come with a carry case.

Our full review video can be seen here:

Included with the Gymna Shockmaster 300 are: 

  • Shockwave machine
  • Shockwave gun
  • 3 heads: 1x 20mm, 1 x 15mm (convex), 1 x 15mm (concave or ‘focused’)
  • Revision kit (contains 2 revisions)
  • Gun carry box (includes 2 bullets and barrels and the tools to revise the gun)
  • Box of tissues
  • Ultrasound gel (large bottle)
  • 1 x shockwave gun holder (only for clinic use as it screws onto the machine and prevents it from going in the bag)
  • 1 x V-actor massage head holder (only for clinic use as it screws onto the machine and prevents it from going in the bag)
  • 1 promotional poster
  • 1 certificate
  • 1 power lead

We have a video here showing the unboxing of a new machine and bag:

 Inside the case there is the shockwave control unit:

The unit measures:

Length: 36cm (14.25inches)

Height: 18cm (7inches)

Depth: 38.5cm (15inches)

Weight: 15kg (33lbs)

It is a solid unit made with a metal frame and case. The front is a large touch screen which is responsive and despite being highly reflective the graphics are visible from any angle. On the rear there is the power switch, a power lead socket, a usb female adaptor (for software updates), and a water condensor (this will periodically need emptying. There is also a small but powerful fan.

On the side of the machine (right side if looking from the front) is the shockwave port (which also powers the V-actor massage head). The port is labeled with a picture and has a red dot to align the lead to the correct position.

The unit can provide shockwave from 1.0bar to 4.0bar in 0.1bar increments and a shock rate from 1hz up to 17hz. The shock rate and power output are independent so you can have any combination (unlike electro-magnetic devices).

Power barSpeed HzNoise db

The shockwave gun (a radial head with a choice of convex and concave ends along with patented D-actor attachments)

The gun is aluminium:

Length: 23cm (9inches)

Width: 5cm (1.9inches)

Weight: 0.85kg (2lbs) (including cable)

The Gymna Shockmaster 300 gun is very light and comes with great rubber coatings on the end and the barrel. The adaptors screw onto the gun and really feel quality. With no fan in the gun or the need for rubber covers the shockmaster can reach parts electro-magnetic machines just can’t. There is no heat from the gun so the gel does not evaporate and the reverberation is very low, gloves are not a necessity.

The 300 gun generates a standard amount of noise for a shockwave machine. We measured it ourselves at it’s lowest (1bar 10hz) at 82db and at it’s highest (4bar 17hz) 84 db. This is louder than normal talking volume and you will have to speak up to talk to your patients. The gun has a claimed duty cycle of 1,200,000 (one million two hundred thousand) shocks but we have been told on lower intensities machines are getting 2,000,000 (two million) shocks. At 2 million that would be enogh for 1,000 tretamnets or 167 patients at 6 treatments each. Check your local cost to replace a head as this will happen at some point. Of note the Gymna gun can be rebuilt in minutes in the clinic. It is not return to base for rebuild.

The on/off trigger is on the shockwave gun. It is a positive on positive off switch – or in other words hit it once and it stays on hit it again it turns off. The trigger is easy to use and very positive. Anyone with any size hand can use it. The amount of pressure required is reasuring in that accidental use will not occur.

The Gymna Shockmaster 300 gun comes in a platic carry case with space for all three heads and includes 2 bullets and barrels, a wrench, allen key and a small pot of replacement rubber seals for the heads. Fantastic quality.

A foot switch or a hand switch? That is the question. In a clinic with clean floors and a treatment couch a foot switch is great as it allows for angles that a hand switch would be imposible to reach at. Out ‘in the field’ I have had my patients press the switch with their hands to run the treatment as you may be treating them on the floor. You could also hold the switch and press it if you were a vet, for instance. On a portable machine after having used both I personally prefer a hand switch.

The Gymna Shockmaster 300 comes with three treatments strike plates:

  • 1 x 15mm (convex silver in colour)
  • 1 x 15mm (concave copper in colour)
  • 1 x 20mm (D-actor technology limited to 1,000,000/one million shocks)

The three sizes are shown here:

These strike plates are superb. To say they ooze quality would be an understatement. They are made by Storz who are world leader in shockwave technology. The 15mm convex head is excellent and the head you will use the most. The 15mm concave head, or deep impact head, does feel deeper impact. The 20mm D-actor head is excellent for releasing muscle and myofascia.

The D-actor heads are limited to one million shocks according to the pots they come in. We understand from longer term users that these heads often run well beyond this.

The compressor can also be used to drive the V-actor massage units which are available at an extra cost (a significant extra cost). These units are not shockwave. The closest equivalent we have used is the G5 massage unit.

The Shockmaster 300 also comes with:

A revision kit with 2 barrels and bullets, good for 1.2 million shocks per pair (with the 2 included in the gun box that makes 4.8 million shocks available from day 1 – impressive numbers). The Shockmaster can be revised (the shockwave bits replaced) in the clinic. It takes less than 5 minutes and the tools are supplied to do it. That makes running costs much lower for this machine than ones where the gun has to be returned to base for revision. In the real world that is an important consideration.

There is a shockwave gun holder which is attached to the machine in the factory. This will need to be removed to get the machine into it’s carry bag. It is attached with 2 Philips screws from below. This is a nice holder and supports the gun in such a way as to stop the gel from touching the machine. This is a nice touch as ultrasound gel will make powder coated metals rust eventually (just look at any ultrasound trolley).

Also included is an optional holder for the V-actor massage head:

There are several other small accessories included with the Gymna Shockmaster 300 these include:

Box of clean up tissues (for removing ultrasound gel)

Bottle of ultrasound gel (large bottle)



Silicone mat (mouse mat)

Often when purchasing a machine lots of things influence your decision. Gymna might not shout from the roof tops how good their products are but the whole experience of getting this machine and finding all of the little extras just oozed high end quality. The box of tissues won’t last long but the simple fact they included them is a nice touch.


One word sums up this machine – quality! The best feeling radial shockwave on the market (due to the Storz heads). This machine is not light and is only portable if you buy the bag and compete as a power lifter. But this machine does sit nicely between the bigger clinic only machines and the smaller portable ones and it really is a good machine. When I personally wanted to eliminate some scar tissue following surgery this is the machine I chose to use on myself. If that is not an endorsement I don’t know what is! If you want a sublime shockwave machine look no further.